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DIY Chicken Coop Designs for your Backyard.

Raising your own chickens may be an intimidating idea, so we are going to help you out.

First off, you will need a coop! Luckily for you, chickens don't require anything fancy, just a place to lay some delicious organic eggs and a place to eat/stretch their little chicken legs.

So , first, determine the size of your coop depending on how many chickens you plan to have, pick the perfect location for the coop, and then get some plans! Here are a few links to some 100% free chicken coop plans!

61 DIY Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas That Are Easy to Build

24 DIY Chicken Coops You Need In Your Backyard

14 Wonderful and Wacky Chicken Coop Ideas

Here at we are commited to simplifying your life, so after you build the perfect coop don't forget to attach one of our automatic chicken coop doors!

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