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The Hatch

Automatic Chicken Coop Door By CowTech

Hatch FeaturesWhiteBackWhiteText.png

The Hatch is the finest auto coop door on the market today with a comprehensive suite of features that make it not only highly functional, but easy to use. We have left nothing out, from the automatic temperature lockout that keeps your birds inside when it's cold, to the direct drive door that guarantees closure through ice, snow, or debris. When it comes to protecting your flock, don't be tempted by cheep alternatives. The Hatch is built to last and comes with a 1 year warranty as well as a 30 day unconditional return policy. 


Standard Kit

If you have a convenient 110V Standard wall outlet close, this is the kit for you!

$220 Free Shipping

Off-Grid Kit

If you are far from power, the off-Grid Kit is for you!

$270 Free Shipping


It all started in the small town community of Rapelje, MT.  After graduating in a five-person high school class, Jason and Weston came back to their respective family farms.  Both have been designing products for use in agriculture their entire lives and after combining their talents, CowTech Engineering was born. Combining innovative engineering and an irrepressible work ethic, CowTech Engineering strives to develop high quality, striking products for people like you. Based on a Montana cattle ranch, we at CowTech are constantly inspired by the resilience and grandeur of this beautiful country. Bringing these qualities into every design, we have developed a wide range of unique products that deliver excellence.

Our current Kickstarter funded products include The Hatch, Ciclop 3D Scanner, Against the Grain Lightswitch covers, and Rayger Party Lights. We have a number of other projects in the prototype phase and will be releasing them soon! 

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