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5 benefits of raising your own chickens using the hatch

Updated: May 20, 2019

Are all eggs created equal? No! It only makes sense that the quality of the egg depends on the quality of life, (food,exercise, and happiness) of the chicken that laid it right?

With the help of The Hatch Chicken Coop door, your chickens can have a happy, healthy, and relatively hands off life, which means less effort on your part, and nutrient rich eggs!

Just in case you still aren't convinced to start your own coop here are more benefits of raising your own chickens.

1. Chickens provide great fertilizer for your lawn.

2. You are one step closer to being a self sustaining human.

3. Backyard chickens consumer more omega3-s, Vitamin B, Vitamin A, and Vitamin D which from their environment, transferring into nutrient dense eggs!

4. Backyard eggs contain up to 60% more folic acid than cage raised eggs.

5. Chickens provide a natural pest control due to their love of munching away insects.

So there you have it, Backyard chicken coops with the help of The Hatch Chicken Coop Door are the way to go!

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