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How to Prepare your Chickens for Winter

1. If you typically experience below freezing temperatures during the winter season it may be best to start with a heartier breed, here are a few of the tougher breeds that can handle the cold: Ameraucanas, Ancona, Black Australorps, Black Giant, Blue Andalusian, Brahma, Buff Orpingtons, Cochins, Delaware, Dominique, Langshan, New Hampshire, Plymouth Rocks, Rhode Island Red, Russian Orloff, Speckled Sussex and Wyandottes.

2. After your chickens go through their fall molt, it is common for egg production to take a hit due to shorter amounts of daylight . A good way to keep egg production high is to install a light in the coop about 7 feet off the ground, 40 watt is recommended.

3. It is common to insulate your chicken coop during the cold months, just make sure you allow a little bit of air flow in your coop. If moisture builds up in the air it can cause frostbite, and the ammonia in the droppings can damage the chickens lungs.

4. If you wish to add a space heater in your coop be sure the coop temperature remains just above freezing, high temperatures is not ideal.

Lastly what kind of blog post would this be if I didn't include installing a Solar Powered Automatic Chicken Coop Door like The Hatch?!

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