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  • Jason and Weston

Benefits of The Hatch Automatic Coop Door!

1. Peace Of Mind! When you take pills every day, do you sometimes forget whether you took them that day? You have done it so many times, all the days run together right? It can be the same with opening and shutting your Chicken Coop Door! With The Hatch Automatic Chicken Coop Door you don't have to worry about whether you have opened it or shut it at all because its Automatic!

2. FREEDOM! Typically when you travel you have to pay someone to let out the chickens in the morning, and shut them in at night right? Not with The Hatch! Enjoy your new found freedom, egg lovers!

3. Happier Chickies! When your chickens are able to be outside, enjoy the sunlight, dig in the dirt, and eat nutritious bugs, not only are your chickens healthier, the eggs you eat are too!

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