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Tips for raising healthy Backyard Chickens

You love fresh, organic, cage free eggs right? You also love the idea of not having to pay the hefty price for those for fresh, organic, cage free eggs. The idea of raising your own chickens may be just a tad intimidating though! Here are a few tips and tricks that will make your transition from the average boring person to an all out backyard chicken parent!

1. Pick your chicks wisely. If it is your first time raising chickens, it may be a good idea to start out with full grown chickens, they require a little less TLC. Also, do your breed research, certain breeds are better for their meat, and certain breeds are better for laying eggs.

2. Check with your city. If you live in city limits, check the ordinances to be sure you are allowed to have the cute feathery friends in your backyard. Some only allow hens and no roosters and some city ordinances may limit how many Chickens you can have.

3. Don't crowd the Egg Layers. One laying box per four or five chickens is recommended, if there are too many chickens with not enough laying boxes, your precious eggs could be damaged and you could have a lot of unhappy feather friends.

4. Keep those chicken legs safe at night. Chickens need to be locked up at night to keep them from turning into a winner winner chicken dinner for any predators. Do you know what makes this one REALLY easy?! The Hatch Chicken Coop Door will automatically let your Chickens out and automatically shut when it gets dark. Win!

5. Keep an eye out for Sicky Chickies. Watch out for any loss of feathers, abnormal eggs, or change in color because this can mean sickness,

Now you are ready to save some money on eggs

and have a new topic of conversation with your friends!

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